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Bulgaria Business Visa


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All customers, including children and infants under the age of 12, are required to personally submit their visa applications on their scheduled appointment date.

If you are unsure whether a visa is necessary for travel to Bulgaria, please visit our website at http://bulgarianembassy-london.org/consular-services/visas/ for more information.

For Business visa applications, an invitation letter from a Bulgarian business or company is mandatory. If this requirement is not met, the applicant will need to apply for a Tourist visa instead.

In the case of conferences, congresses, fairs, seminars, and workshops, the following individuals may also apply for a business visa:

– Employees attending an event organized by their own company or a company directly related to their employer.
– Employees actively participating in conferences, congress, fairs, seminars, or workshops.

If the purpose of attending the event is not clearly stated in the employer’s letter, the applicant will need to apply for a Tourist visa.


To be eligible to submit a Bulgaria visa application, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

– Possess a valid travel document and a valid UK residence permit. If the applicant holds a short stay visa for the UK (C type visa), they must apply for a visa from their country of residence.
– Apply for a short-term visa to Bulgaria for purposes such as Tourism, Private Visit, Business, Study/Conference/Seminar, EEA/EU and Swiss national family member, or other short stay purposes.

For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our website at https://www.mfa.bg/en/services-travel/consular-services/faq

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Documents Required

The following list of documents is not exhaustive, and the Mission may request additional information or documents if necessary.

Both the standard and supporting documentation must be recent, no older than one month.

Applicants must bring and present their original documents, but they only need to submit photocopies unless specified otherwise.

Documents to be submitted with the visa application:

  1. Application form & Photograph: The visa application form must be fully completed in English and signed in two places by the applicant (field no 37 and last field). Additionally, one recent color passport photograph must be included.
  2. Minors under the age of 18: For minors, both parents or guardians must sign the application form. Family members of European Union citizens should fill in the fields of the visa application form that indicate their family relationship.
  3. Original Passport: The passport must be valid for at least three months after the intended date of departure from the Republic of Bulgaria. In the case of multiple visits, it must be valid after the last scheduled departure from the Republic of Bulgaria. The passport must contain at least two empty pages and must have been issued within the previous 10 years.
  4. Photocopies: Photocopies of the data pages of the passport and any current and previous expired visas must be submitted.
  5. Valid UK Residence Permit: Proof of UK residence must be provided, either endorsed in the passport or issued as a Biometrics card. The residence permit must be valid for at least one month upon return to the UK. C type visitor visas are not acceptable.

Proof of Employment / Proof of Student Status (Original):

Recent, official, and signed letter from your employer. The letter should be on a headed paper and include the name, position of the signatory, and date of issue. Additionally, it should contain the address, recent telephone number, and registration number in the United Kingdom. Along with the letter, please include pay slips for the last three months.

If you are self-employed:

Recent letter from your accountant, banker, or solicitor. The letter should be on an official headed paper and include the name, date of issue, address, recent telephone number, and position of the signatory. It should also include the registration number in the United Kingdom, stating your self-employment or business ownership in the United Kingdom. Additionally, include a letter from the tax authorities.

  1. Proof of Student Status:

Original, recent, official, and signed letter from your United Kingdom school, college, or university. The letter should state the date of issue, your name, type of studies, number of lessons (hours) per week, and attendance record.

Proof of Sufficient Funds:

To demonstrate your financial capability, please provide the following:

– Three months’ bank statements
– Possession of the required financial resources for subsistence, amounting to EUR 50 per day of the requested stay with the visa application. This can be in the form of cash or another convertible currency, but it should be at least EUR 500 or its equivalent.

Travel Medical Insurance: This insurance is valid for Bulgaria and all EU member states throughout your entire trip. It covers all costs for repatriation, urgent medical care, and emergency hospital treatment for the duration of your stay as indicated in your visa. The minimum coverage required is EUR 30,000.

Proof of Accommodation: You will need to provide proof of your accommodation, such as a hotel booking or any other guaranteed and confirmed accommodation under your name. This could also include a real estate title deed, lease agreement, or proof of ownership or lease of a boat, if applicable.

Proof of Purpose of Travel – Business: If you are traveling for business purposes, you will need to submit an invitation-declaration from the host company. This document should be drawn up on a sample form, legalized by a notary judge, and approved by the authorities for administrative control of foreigners, specifically the Migration Directorate of the Ministry of Interior. Additionally, you may also need to provide entry tickets or registration for fairs and congresses related to your business activities.

Accompanying family members should apply for tourist visas, regardless of the purpose of your travel.

Holders of service and diplomatic passports are exempt from providing proof of subsistence, accommodation, transportation, and insurance policy.

Please note: Upon entering Bulgaria, foreign nationals are required to declare the purpose of their stay and provide the address where they will be residing. This can be done by filling out a registration form. However, citizens of the European Union member-states and countries in the Economic European Area are exempt from this requirement.

Furthermore, all foreign visitors should be aware that according to Bulgarian Law, they must contact the local police station within 48 hours of their arrival and provide written notification of their address. If you are staying in a hotel or private lodgings, the responsibility lies with the hotel management or host to register you at the local police station.

Photo Specification

Please submit one current color portrait of yourself that is no older than six months that satisfies the conditions listed below:

  • Captured on a light background (white or off-white) to make features stand out and contrast with the background.
  • Face-focused and of high clarity
  • Full face: no grinning, no sunglasses, no hats or other head coverings, unless the applicant is wearing them due to his or her ethnicity or religion.
  • Printed from a camera print on standard photographic paper.
  • The photo that is adhered to the visa application form

The visa application will be deemed incomplete if the submitted photos don’t fulfill these specifications (see examples here), and the applicant will be asked to take fresh pictures in the photo booth at the visa application center.

Application Form

Please download the Visa Application Form. The completed application form must be signed and submitted, accompanied by one recent photograph.

Processing Time

Visa applications can be submitted up to 3 months prior to your departure date.

Please note that the minimum processing time for a visa application is 15 calendar days.

Every application must receive clearance from the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry in Sofia. If an application is submitted less than 15 calendar days before your travel date, we cannot guarantee a timely completion of the visa process.

To ensure a smooth and efficient process, we recommend the following for all customers:

  • Book your appointment as soon as you know your travel plans.
  • Ensure that your visa application documentation meets the requirements set by the Mission.
  • Allow sufficient processing time for the Mission to review your application.
  • Take into consideration that closures and holidays of Mission may extend the processing time of your visa application.

If you are submitting your visa application at our satellite centres in Manchester, Cardiff, or Edinburgh, please add an additional 2 days to the minimum processing time. This is because your application will first be dispatched to the London office, and then forwarded to the Mission in London the following day.

During the visa application process, the Mission may request additional information or documents, or even invite applicants for an interview. Please be aware that these requests may cause delays in the visa process, and applicants are responsible for any resulting delays.


You may access and download all the relevant forms from this location.

Sample Visa Form Word:  Sample vis -Schengen-WORD.docx

Sample Visa Form PDF:  Sample vis -Schengen-WORD.pdf

Online Application form: Visa Application Form

Checklist: Business Checklist.pdf

Free Consultation

Free Consultation

To proceed with your visa application, kindly complete the enclosed sample form (available in PDF or Word format) in its entirety.
If you are uncertain about any information, please leave it blank. Once the form is completed, please submit it to us along with your passport, BRP card/UK residency documentation, and copies of any previous Schengen visas you may have obtained.


Please send the required documents via email to sales@globalvisaagent.co.uk.


Upon receipt of this information, we will arrange a consultation call to further discuss your application.

Alternatively, you may contact us at +442035001580 after submitting the documents.

Rest assured that we strictly adhere to the GDPR Policy, ensuring that your documents are handled, stored, and deleted in accordance with the highest standards of data protection.



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