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Greece EU / EEA and Swiss National Family Member Visa


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Greece EU / EEA and Swiss National Family Member Visa £195.00


If you’re thinking about applying for a Visa, it’s important to take the time to carefully review all the information provided. This website is here to help you prepare your documents thoroughly, using the comprehensive list of supporting documents required for short stay Schengen visas in the U.K. By following these guidelines, you can greatly reduce the chances of submitting an incomplete application or facing processing delays. If you’re a non-EU citizen and unsure whether you need a Schengen visa for travel to the Schengen area, just click on “Do I need a visa?” to get all the necessary information.

If you’re planning to visit Greece and stay in the Schengen area for up to 90 days within a 6-month period, then the short stay type C Schengen Visa is what you need. To figure out how many days you can travel with your visa, check out the Travel Days Calculator on this page. This visa is suitable for various purposes such as tourism, business, visiting family or friends, cultural and educational activities, sports, medical reasons, studies, airport transit, seafarers, and more.

Now, here’s an important detail: you can apply for this visa up to 6 months in advance, but make sure to submit your application no later than 15 calendar days before your planned visit. This gives you plenty of time to prepare and ensures a smooth process.

All applicants, regardless of age, must personally submit their Schengen visa application on their scheduled appointment date.

Please note that in order to submit an application, you must have a valid permanent or temporary residency permit that will remain valid for at least 1 month after your intended return date to the U.K. If you do not meet this requirement, the Greek Consular Authorities will be unable to process your application.

You can submit your visa applications at the Visa Application Centres for Greece located in London, Edinburgh, and Manchester.

The Embassy of Greece – Consular Office – Visa Section will assess all applications. To make things even more convenient, the Visa Application Centres offer a courier service to deliver your documents right to your doorstep. However, keep in mind that you might have to appear before a Visa Officer for a personal or Skype interview at the Consular Office of the Greek Embassy in London. This step could potentially cause delays in the visa process, but don’t worry, it’s all part of the deal and applicants are responsible for any resulting hold-ups.

Additional information

eea-eu and Swiss National Family Member Package

Basic Plan, Standard Plan 1, Standard Plan 2, Schengen – Premium Lounge Service, Visa At Your Doorstep (VAYD Service) Plan 1, Visa At Your Doorstep (VAYD Service) Plan 2

Documents Required

The following list of documents is not exhaustive, and the Mission may request additional information or documents from the customer if necessary.

Both the standard and supporting documentation must be recent, no older than 1 month, and must be provided for every Schengen visa application.

Customers are required to bring and present their original documents, but they only need to submit photocopies unless specified otherwise.

Before gathering the required documents listed below, applicants are advised to review the requirements in the Overview section to ensure they are eligible to apply for the chosen visa category.

For Minors, please refer to the provided checklist in the downloads section.


Visa application form (original)

ID Photo

Recent (not older than six months from the date of application) passport-size colour photo in white or off-white background.

Original Passport and Photocopy
Signed, valid passport for a period of at least 3 months beyond the applicant’s last day of stay in the Schengen Area. At least two adjacent blank pages to affix the visa are required. It must be issued within the last 10 years on the day of leaving the Schengen Area. Extended passport may still be valid, but when older than 10 years the passport is no longer accepted; in that case, the applicant first needs to apply for a new passport.

Copy of the passport

– Photocopy of the bio-page; If signature is not on the bio-page, a photocopy of the signature page is also required.

– Copies of previous Schengen visas issued in the last three years with the stamps

  1. UK Residence permit and Photocopy

Original, endorsed in the passport or issued as a Biometric card; It must be valid for at least 30 days beyond the applicant’s intended departure from the Schengen Area.

  • C type visitor visa cannot be accepted.

EEA/ EU/ Swiss national citizen’s passport

A valid passport (original to be seen and copied) certified by a public authority (it must be recent, not older than 30 days from the date of application) can also be accepted.

Proof of relationship to the EEA/ EU/ Swiss national

For spouses of EEA/ EU/ Swiss national passport holders:

– Marriage certificate (original to be seen and copy); if not in English or Greek, then translation of it by a certified translator in the UK is required.

For children of EEA/ EU/ Swiss national passport holders:

– Full unabridged birth certificate (original to be seen and copy) showing the applicant’s and both their parents’ names; if not in English or Greek, then translation by a certified translator in the U.K. is also required.

For parents of EEA/ EU/ Swiss national passport holders:

– Full unabridged birth certificate (original to be seen and copy) showing the applicant’s and their child’s name; if not in English or Greek, then translation by a certified translator in the U.K. is also required

Confirmed round trip travel-ticket

Full Itinerary for the entire stay (to explain the whole trip, with destinations and dates). If applicant is also travelling to other Schengen States, proof of travel in each of the Member States, as follows bellow:

– Fully paid return travel tickets with travel dates and booking reference/ e-ticket number specifying entry and exit from the Schengen Area, clearly stating both the applicant’s and the EU family member’s name.

If the applicant is travelling by car:

– Driving license; photocopy of both sides is required. If the applicant is not the driver, driver’s cover letter (signed and dated) confirming joint travel with applicant and travel dates need to be provided too.

– Car registration (original to be seen and copy).

– Car insurance photocopy.

– Fully paid return travel tickets (ferry or Eurotunnel) mentioning both the applicant’s and the EU family member’s name and the registration number of the car.

– Hotel/ holiday home confirmed reservation: Applicant’s name and surname, arrival and departure date, address of the hotel and contact details should be clearly stated.

If the applicant is travelling with a yacht:

– Full itinerary (to explain the whole trip, with destinations and dates) stating both the applicant’s and the EU family member’s details (it must be dated and signed by the skipper).

– Skipper’s passport photocopy.

– Skipper’s license photocopy. – Yacht registration.

– Mooring documentation for the yacht from the entry ports in Greece need to be provided

Photo Specification

Please submit one current color portrait of yourself that is no older than six months that satisfies the conditions listed below:

  • Captured on a light background (white or off-white) to make features stand out and contrast with the background.
  • Face-focused and of high clarity
  • Full face: not grinning, no sunglasses, no hats or other head coverings, unless the applicant is wearing them due to his or her ethnicity or religion.
  • Printed from a camera print on standard photographic paper.
  • The photo that is adhered to the visa application form

The visa application will be deemed incomplete if the submitted photos don’t fulfill these specifications (see examples here), and the applicant will be asked to take fresh pictures in the photo booth at the visa application center.

Application Form

The Visa Application Form must be filled out online and then printed. You can access the form at this link:

Applicants are required to complete the visa application form and personally sign it. In the case of a minor or a person who has been deprived of their business capacity, their legal representative must submit the visa application on their behalf and sign the form. 

We kindly request all applicants to ensure that the visa application form is accurately and completely filled out, as any errors or omissions may result in delays or rejection of the application. It is important to adhere to the specified guidelines regarding the use of the Latin alphabet and capital letters to ensure clarity and legibility. 

Processing Time

Important Note to Applicants Regarding Processing Time:

We would like to inform all applicants that the standard processing time for visa applications, as per the Schengen Code, is fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of application submission. However, for certain nationalities (please refer to the list provided), the minimum processing time is three weeks due to the need for consultation with other Schengen countries. In some cases, applications may require further processing, which could extend the processing time to up to 45 days.

Applicants who submit their visa applications at the VACs for Greece in Manchester or Edinburgh should consider an additional five days to the minimum processing time mentioned above. This is because visa applications will first be sent to the London VAC and then forwarded to the Embassy of Greece – Consular Office in London the following day.

It is important to note that we are currently experiencing a high demand for travel to Greece, which may result in longer processing times at the Consulate. Therefore, we strongly advise applicants to submit their applications well in advance of their planned travel to Greece, allowing for a longer processing period than the standard 15 calendar days.

As a result, applications submitted strictly within the 15 calendar days prior to the scheduled departure for Greece run the risk of not being processed in a timely manner, potentially resulting in a visa not being issued in time for the intended visit. For any inquiries, we recommend contacting GVCW or the Consular Office.

For more information regarding the processing time, please click here.


You may access and download all the relevant forms from this location.

Sample Visa Form Word: Sample vis -Schengen-WORD.docx

Sample Visa Form PDF: Sample vis -Schengen-WORD.pdf

Online Application form: Application Form

Checklist: EU/EEA Checklist

Free Consultation

To proceed with your visa application, please fill out the attached sample form (PDF, Word) completely. If you are unsure about any information, leave it blank. Once you have completed the form, please return it to us along with your passport, BRP card/UK residency, and copies of any previous Schengen visas that you have held.

Please forward the documents through email: sales@globalvisaagent.co.uk


A consultation call will be scheduled after we have received this information to further discuss the application.


After sending the documents you can call us at +442035001580.


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