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Lithuania Visitor Family & Friends Visa


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Lithuania Visitor Family & Friends Visa £195.00


To enter Lithuania, it is necessary to apply for the appropriate visa type based on the purpose of your visit. The following categories require a visa application:

  1. Family members of Lithuanian or EU citizens (including EEA and Switzerland) who do not reside in their home country in accordance with EU directive 2004/38.

For family members of EU/EEA/EFTA citizens, please refer to the relevant link for the required supporting documents from the downloads section

  1. Other applicants.

It is important to note that proof of relation to an EEA/EU or Swiss national is required. This can be provided in the form of a marriage or birth certificate (original document to be presented). If the certificate is not in English or Lithuanian, a certified translation by a translator in the UK is necessary. Additionally, if the marriage/birth certificate is not issued in an EU/EEA Member State or the Swiss Confederation, it must be legalized. Document authentication (legalization) and Apostille certification ensure the verification of the signature and seal of a document. Traditionally, this process is performed by a Consular Officer to ensure the legal validity of documents across different countries.

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Documents Required

The necessary documents can be in either Lithuanian or English. However, please note that only the Latin alphabet is applicable for filling out the application form.

Do I need a Visa?

To apply for a visa, you must fill out the application form online using Latin characters. Click here to access the application form.

Once the application form is completed, you need to print it and sign it in section 37 and the bottom part of the 4th page. If the application is for a minor child, one of the parents must sign the child’s form.

Photograph (one)

Please provide a colored photograph with a light background, measuring 35 x 45 mm. The photo should have been taken within the last 6 months prior to submitting the documents. The face should occupy 70-80% of the photo. Glue the photo onto the application form. For more information on photo specifications, click here.

Passport and copy of personal data pages (duplicate)

Your passport (travel document) must be valid for at least 3 months beyond the expiry date of the visa. The passport should have been issued within the past ten years. There should be a minimum of 2 blank visa pages available.

UK Residence permit – Original and Copy

Your UK Residence permit, whether endorsed in your passport or issued as a Biometrics card, must be valid for at least 90 days beyond the return date of your trip to the Schengen Area. Please note that a C-type visitor visa is not acceptable.

Travel Medical Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance is a crucial requirement for individuals planning to visit the Schengen States. This insurance must provide comprehensive coverage for the entire duration of the intended stay, ensuring that any unforeseen medical expenses, repatriation needs, urgent medical attention, or emergency hospital treatments are adequately addressed. It is essential that the minimum coverage amount is set at 30,000 EUR.

In the event that a bank offers coverage while traveling abroad, it is necessary to provide a recent letter from the bank confirming that the aforementioned conditions are met.

It is important to note that the E111-form or its successor, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), does not suffice as adequate travel insurance. These cards do not provide the comprehensive coverage required for a safe and worry-free trip.

For applicants seeking a multi-entry visa, it is acceptable to submit valid and sufficient travel medical insurance that covers the entire duration of their initial visit.

Proof of Employment

For general employment, we require a recent (not older than one month), official, and signed original letter from your employer. This letter should be on company letterhead and include the name, position of the signatory, and date of issue. Additionally, it should provide the employer’s address, recent telephone number, and registration number in the United Kingdom. Alternatively, you may submit payslips for the last three months. Please note that contracts of employment will not be accepted.

If you are self-employed, we require a recent original letter from your accountant, banker, or solicitor. This letter should be on official letterhead and include the name, date of issue, address, recent telephone number, and position of the signatory. It should also include the registration number in the United Kingdom and clearly state your self-employment or business ownership in the country. Additionally, a letter from the tax authorities is required.

For students, we require a recent (not older than one month), official, and signed original letter from your United Kingdom school, college, or university. This letter should state the date of issue, your name, the type of studies you are pursuing, the number of lessons (hours) per week, and your attendance record.

If you are currently unemployed, please provide a social benefit entitlement letter.

Bank Statement

Please provide your last three months’ original and copy of your current account UK bank statement. The statement should be in your name and address, showing details and a balance that proves you have sufficient means of subsistence for the duration of your intended stay and for your return to the United Kingdom or your country of origin. The balance should amount to a minimum of €40 (approximately GBP 34) per day. Alternatively, you may provide traveller’s cheques showing the same information.

Proof of Confirmed and Fully Paid Tickets

Please provide proof of confirmed and fully paid tickets to the United Kingdom or your country of final destination.

For minor children, the following documents are necessary:

– Original birth certificate and a copy
– Original passports of both parents and their copies (ID page only)
– A letter of consent signed by both parents, granting permission for the child to travel
– If a minor child is accompanied by someone other than their parents or guardians, an original and a copy of a notarized consent signed by both parents or guardians must be included. If the child has only one parent or guardian, supporting documents confirming this status should be provided (such as a certificate of the other parent or a single parent document).


Document to prove the purpose of travel – (family-friends) visit:

To provide evidence of the purpose of your trip, specifically for a family or friend’s visit, you will need to present proof of invitation or sponsorship in the form of an official invitation letter.

If you are a family member of an EU/EEA/EFTA citizen, please refer to the relevant link for the supporting documents that need to be submitted from the EU/EEA/EFTA section.

Photo Specification

Please submit one current color portrait of yourself that is no older than six months that satisfies the conditions listed below:

  • Captured on a light background (white or off-white) to make features stand out and contrast with the background.
  • Face-focused and of high clarity
  • Full face: no grinning, no sunglasses, no hats or other head coverings, unless the applicant is wearing them due to his or her ethnicity or religion.
  • Printed from a camera print on standard photographic paper.
  • The photo that is adhered to the visa application form

The visa application will be deemed incomplete if the submitted photos don’t fulfill these specifications (see examples here), and the applicant will be asked to take fresh pictures in the photo booth at the visa application center.

Application Form

Each applicant must submit a signed printout of a Schengen visa application form (VAF) for Lithuania.

The applicant must correctly complete the visa application form in the manner described below:

To access the application form, click here.

Complete the visa application form’s necessary fields, denoted by a red star (*).


You may access and download all the relevant forms from this location.

Sample Visa Form Word: Sample vis -Schengen-WORD.docx

Sample Visa Form PDF: Sample vis -Schengen-WORD.pdf

Online Application form: Online-application-form

Visitor’s Checklist: Checklist

Processing Time

Applicants are allowed to submit their Schengen visa applications up to 6 months prior to their intended travel date to the Schengen Area.

Please note that Schengen short stay visas can only be processed within 15 calendar days. However, in certain cases where further scrutiny or additional documents are required, the processing time may extend beyond the mentioned period, up to 30 days or, in exceptional circumstances, 60 days.

We kindly request applicants to adhere to the specified timeline and ensure all necessary documents are provided to avoid any delays in the processing of their visa application.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Free Consultation

To proceed with your visa application, please fill out the attached sample form (PDF, Word) completely. If you are unsure about any information, leave it blank. Once you have completed the form, please return it to us along with your passport, BRP card/UK residency, and copies of any previous Schengen visas that you have held.

Please forward the documents through email: sales@globalvisaagent.co.uk


A consultation call will be scheduled after we have received this information to further discuss the application.


After sending the documents you can call us at +442035001580.


We strictly follow the GDPR Policy, your documents will be handled/saved & deleted accordingly.



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