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Sweden Tourist Visa


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Sweden Tourist Visa £195.00


In order to ensure a smooth and efficient process, it is mandatory for every customer, regardless of age, to personally submit their Schengen visa application on their scheduled appointment date.

For Non-EU citizens who are uncertain about whether a Schengen visa is required for travel to the Schengen Area, we kindly request you to click on the “Do I need a visa?” link for clarification. It is important to note that individuals holding UK Travel Documents issued under the directives of the United Nations Convention dated July 28, 1951 (blue covered travel document) and Convention dated September 28, 1954 (red covered travel document) will require a visa to enter Sweden.

Customers who plan to visit Sweden solely for tourist purposes, such as leisure, recreation, or sightseeing, and will be arranging their own accommodation (hotel, hostel, B&B, camping, etc.), are required to apply as tourists.



To be eligible for a Schengen visa application, customers must meet the following criteria:

  1. Possession of a valid passport or travel document.
  2. Possession of a valid UK residence permit. If the applicant holds a short stay visa for the UK (C type visa), as shown in the provided example, they may apply for a Schengen visa if they are unable to apply from their country of residence due to having left that country more than 6 months ago.
  3. Application for a short stay visa, including categories such as Tourist (including Minors), Visitor Family/Friends, Business, EEA/EU and Swiss national family member, or Airport Transit.

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Tourist Plans Package

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Documents Required

The following list of documents is not exhaustive, and the customer may be asked to provide additional information or documents if requested by the Mission.

Both the standard and supporting documentation must be recent, meaning they should not be older than one month. These documents are mandatory for every Schengen visa application.

Customers are required to bring and present their original documents, but they only need to submit photocopies unless the requirements specify that an original document must be submitted.

Before gathering the necessary documents mentioned below, applicants are advised to carefully review the requirements outlined in the Overview section to ensure they meet the criteria for the chosen visa category.

For minors, please refer to the specific guidelines provided here.

  2. Visa application form (original)
  3. Original Passport and Photocopy

– The passport must be signed and have at least two blank pages for visa purposes.
– The passport must be valid for a minimum of 90 days (about 3 months) beyond the return date of the trip to the Schengen Area.
– The passport must have been issued within the last 10 years on the day of departure from the Schengen Area.
– While an extended passport may still be valid, a passport that is older than 10 years on the return date of the trip to the Schengen Area is no longer acceptable. In such cases, the customer must first apply for a new passport.


UK Residence Permit and Photocopy

The UK Residence Permit, whether endorsed in the passport or issued as a Biometrics card, must remain valid for at least one month beyond the return date of the trip to the Schengen Area. In the event that the customer is unable to apply for a C type visitor visa from their country of residence due to having already left the residence country and residing consecutively in the UK for more than six months, it will be considered acceptable.

Supporting Documentation for Schengen Visa Application

Proof of Current Occupation

  1. Employer Letter (Original): A recent (less than one month old), signed, and headed letter from your employer is required. This letter must include the company registration number in the UK, contact details, address, date of issue, position, and salary of the employment. Additionally, you must include your last three payslips.
  2. Student Letter (Original): A recent (less than one month old), signed letter from your UK school/college/university is necessary. This letter should be addressed to the Mission and include the name and position of the signee. It must confirm your enrollment, type of studies, completion date, number of lessons (hours) per week, and attendance record.
  3. Self-Employment Letter (Original): A recent (less than one month old), signed, and headed letter is required. This letter should be addressed to the Mission and include the name and position of the signee. It must confirm your self-employment status and, if applicable, state the annual salary drawn from the company. Depending on the circumstances, the letter can be obtained from the customer’s accountant, solicitor, bank manager, or Companies House (Certificate of Incorporation).

If the customer’s name is not mentioned on the Certificate of Incorporation, additional proof demonstrating the connection between the customer and the company should be provided.


  1. Unemployed/retired

To receive benefits, you must provide a recent original letter obtained from your local Jobcentre or Pension Service.

Housewife/man (only applicable to spouses/partners): If you are sponsored by your spouse/registered partner, you need to provide the following documents:

  1. Marriage certificate (original + copy): If this document was issued outside the EU and is not in English or Swedish, it should be translated by a certified translator in the UK.
  2. Spouse/registered partner’s passport (copy)
  3. Spouse/registered partner’s proof of occupation (as mentioned in B.1.a, b, or c)
  4. Spouse/registered partner’s proof of funds
  5. Spouse/registered partner’s cover letter (signed & dated) confirming sponsorship

Proof of funds:

  1. Latest 3 months UK current account bank statements showing the applicant’s name, address, and an end balance dated within the last month of the visa application submission date. The balance needs to show a minimum amount of £40.00 per day of stay in the Schengen Area, along with outstanding accommodation and travel fees.
  2. Travellers’ cheques covering the same amount as explained in a.
  3. Credit card(s) and credit card statement showing the cardholder’s name and address. The statement must include information about the monthly limit or the sending cap.

Proof of travel (airplane, train, boat, coach, (hired) car):

  1. Confirmed return travel tickets: These should mention the customer’s name and travel dates to and from the Schengen Area. Please note that flight tickets should be issued by airlines only and not by travel agencies.
  2. When traveling by car: car registration, car insurance, return travel tickets (ferry or Eurotunnel) mentioning the car’s registration number and driver’s driving license. If the customer is not the driver, a driver’s cover letter (signed & dated)

Proof of Accommodation

To provide proof of accommodation, a confirmed reservation from a hotel, hostel, camping site, or any other lodging establishment is required. This reservation should clearly state the customer’s name, travel dates, and the address details of the accommodation.

In the event that the customer’s name is not mentioned on the reservation, an additional joint travel confirmation letter is necessary. This letter must be signed and dated by the person whose name appears on the reservation. Along with this letter, a photocopy of the same person’s passport or ID card, including the passport signature page if the signature is not on the passport’s bio page, must also be provided.

In the case of a group reservation, a list containing the names of all group members is required. Alternatively, the names of the group members can be mentioned on the travel ticket.

Travel Insurance

A comprehensive travel insurance policy, covering all risks and medical emergencies, is mandatory. The insurance document must clearly display the customer’s name. It should be valid throughout the entire Schengen Area and cover the entire duration of the applicant’s intended stay in the Schengen Area. The minimum coverage for medical emergencies and repatriation, including a clause for such cases, must be at least €30,000.

Please ensure that all the necessary documentation is provided in a timely manner to facilitate the visa application process.

Application Form

Each applicant must submit a signed printout of a Schengen visa application form (VAF) for Sweden.

The applicant must correctly complete the visa application form in the manner described below:

To access the application form, click here.

Complete the visa application form’s necessary fields, denoted by a red star (*).

Photo Specification

Please ensure that you include a recent color photograph of yourself, taken within the last six months, adhering to the following specifications:

  1. Background: The photograph should be taken against a plain light background, preferably white or off-white. This will ensure that your features are clearly distinguishable and stand out against the background.
  2. Clarity: The photograph must be of high quality, with your face in sharp focus. This will enable us to accurately verify your identity.
  3. Facial expression: Please maintain a non-smiling expression in the photograph. Additionally, avoid wearing sunglasses, hats, caps, or any head covering, unless it is worn due to religious beliefs or ethnic background.
  4. Printing: The photograph should be printed on regular photographic paper, as obtained from a camera print. This will ensure that the image is clear and of suitable quality.
  5. Attachment: Please securely attach (glue) the photograph to the Visa Application Form.

In the event that the submitted photographs fail to meet these requirements, the visa application will be considered incomplete. In such cases, the applicant will be requested to obtain new photographs from the photo booth available at the visa application center.

Processing Time

Customers are advised to submit their Schengen visa applications up to 6 months before their intended travel date to the Schengen Area.

On October 7, 2021, the European Commission made the decision to temporarily suspend certain provisions of the Visa Code for citizens of Gambia. Starting from November 1, citizens of Gambia will no longer be exempt from any document requirements. The application process will now take 45 days instead of the previous 15 days. Additionally, diplomats or holders of service passports will not be exempt from the application fee, and multiple entry visas will not be granted.

The minimum processing time for a visa application is 15 days. It is important for customers to allow sufficient time between their appointment date and travel date for the Mission to process their visa application. However, please note that delays may occur, and we cannot guarantee the exact return date of the visa application.

For certain nationalities the visa application requires consultation from other Schengen countries, which may result in a longer processing time.

To avoid any delays in the visa application process, it is crucial that the application is complete and all documents submitted meet the requirements of the Mission. Please refer to the “Documents Required” section for the specific visa categories.

Customers should also be aware that during busy seasons such as Easter, summer holidays (July and August), and Christmas, appointment slots fill up quickly as the Mission can only process a limited number of visa applications per day.

Furthermore, customers should take into consideration that closures and holidays of Mission (please refer to the “Public Holidays/Closures” section) may extend the processing time of visa applications.

Therefore, we strongly recommend the following to all customers:

– Book your appointment as soon as you know your travel plans.
– Ensure that your visa application documentation meets the requirements of the Mission.


You may access and download all the relevant forms from this location.

Sample Visa Form Word: Sample vis -Schengen-WORD.docx

Sample Visa Form PDF: Sample vis -Schengen-WORD.pdf

Online Application form: Online Application Form

Tourist Checklist: Tourist checklist- SWEDEN.pdf

Free Consultation

In order to begin your visa application process, we respectfully request that you complete the enclosed sample form (available in either PDF or Word format) in its entirety. If at any point you are unsure about any of the information required, please leave it blank. Once the form is complete, please submit it to us, along with a copy of your passport and BRP card/UK residency documentation, as well as any past Schengen visas that you may have previously obtained.


Please send the required documents via email to sales@globalvisaagent.co.uk.


Upon receipt of these documents, we will arrange a free consultation call to further discuss your application and take the necessary next steps. For any additional inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at +442035001580.


We place utmost importance on data privacy and protection, ensuring that all your personal information is handled, stored, and deleted in strict accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that your data is safeguarded with the highest level of security measures.



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